Raziel’s name means ‘secret of God’ because he works so closely with God that he knows all of the secrets of the universe, and how it operates. Raziel can help you to understand esoteric material and increase you ability to see, hear, know and feel Divine guidance. Alchemy, divine magic and manifesting. Patron Angel of Law Makers and Lawyers.

Archangel Raziel also helps you to work with sacred geometry, so if you have invoked him you may start to notice geometric signs and symbols in your physical and psychic vision. He is an alchemist within the realms of the Archangels and will help you to understand ideas that would defy normal logic. Call on him to help you to turn your ideas into ‘gold’!
Archangel Raziel’s aura contains all the colours of the rainbow, and his energy aligns with clear quartz crystals. Working with, holding or wearing clear quartz will magnify your clairvoyance (ensure you practice your protection rituals before opening up) and help you to feel closer to him.

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