The Birth Certificate -The Name

The Name Archangel Wine Fallensky

I have these initial… Y

I took it from the name my parents gave me… YUNITA, I took the Y and N. Because friends used to call me Y.N.T.
So, Y + N = WINE.

Wine is that drink the Catholic people say, the blood of Christ. I like it. Beside it’s… Sweet. Holy. Red. I like it.


I have no last name.

My parents never give me a last name. I don’t want it anyway. Since I don’t really like them.

When I was a kid, I dream to fly, high, up in the sky. I like the sky. It’s huge, free, unlimited. You know, another sky after this sky.

I thought, I will never be able to fly by myself so, maybe, the sky could come to me. FALLEN. and I also want to break free, as free as those birds, flying in the sky. SKY. On the other hand, yes, I can’t reach the sky alone. Maybe I need some back up, maybe I need some friends to help me.


Then, April 3rd 2010, the name ARCHANGEL was assigned to me. So now, it’s ARCHANGEL WINE FALLENSKY…