The Office – About Us

I am Wine. This is my office. What can I help?

Read The Small Journal on the Table to know about the one who write stuff here.

Use That Phone Near the Office to see how to be in touch with Wine, me, the writer.

Take a look at my Birth Certificate to know about my name, A. Wine Fallensky.

Check the Grayscale Photo of Little Wine to check on the past, my childhood trauma.

” We are a human with a very complicated mind and thoughts. Though we think that none can understand us but, some people at some condition may be able to understand some of our thoughts. What a complicated world we live in.

Live has it’s own way to tell us the truth, lies, the right, wrong. How interesting, Right?

So, the reason we search for the answer is because the question is hidden. Each life has a purpose. What is ours…? God can’t tell. Every personality I asked, none can answer.

To be hurt over and over again by our closest, dearest… To be betrayed, to be blamed for something we never did. How pathetic… The fact that we can’t fight back because we are afraid to hurt our beloved. Being hurt by the people we love is a painful experience. We can never forget that. Disrespect… Ashamed… We hate it…

All we want is vengeance. All we feel is pain. All we have is hatred.

But, that should never be a purpose…
Everyone will be sick of themselves at some point.

We believe that we all have been through a hard time and have experienced many kinds of pain… Maybe we can share it. Maybe there’s a lot of people out there have felt something special like us. Maybe they’re not that different… ”

Maybe we can be “FRIENDS”


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