Small Journal on the Table – About Writer


Archangel Wine Fallensky – Been writing for quite some time but, focused more on music and other side projects.

“Imagination is all you need.”

Wine loves art so much. We play music instruments, paint, write, design, sometimes create a short movie. Wine spend most of our time to imagine things.

“What a daydreamer…”

Wine feel so lonely even when people around us said that they love us. We are just afraid of being alone because we are a bit different than many other humans. That spiky hair and gloomy face plus dark black clothes, what do you think…?

“At least everyone has a dream to reach…”

Wine love rock music and some alternative. A bit hardcore perhaps? But, we have that warm personality inside the stone cold looks.


We have been diagnosed with Major Depression and have been on medication ever since.

Instagram: 6th_Archangel
Twitter: @TheSilver_Sword

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