What’s On 2019

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Well, I hope so. I just had a BBQ party with my friends, fams, and employees at The Warung 1995 and we had huge fireworks. I’m kinda torn because fireworks… It’s kinda beautiful and it’s a piece of art but, at the same time, killing the earth, pollution and stuff. My dad bought a box and everyone had fun… So, I guess I’ll somehow make up to my guilt inside by donating to some “Save the Earth” foundation like… I did for every month since 2017.

Anyway, what’s on 2019? What’s the plan?

This year, I will be going to several city in Indonesia. This January, on the 23rd, I will be coming to Makassar and maybe for Lunar New Year too. Let’s have some fun!

The band is going to launch something super cool early this year. Plus, in March or April, I’ll be going back to Tokyo, Japan for a show (or maybe several shows?). We’ll see how it goes.

Another thing to look forward to is the Youtube channel. Yes, we got one and we will be doing something crazy.


Check out the fireworks here!

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