Dog Loving Woman Works Alone, Saving Dogs From Restaurant

I was on a business trip to Medan, Indonesia with my best buddy last week and we found an incredible woman on our last night.

We were having dinner in the street of Medan. It’s like an open chinatown, crowded and a lot of beggars and street musician came to us. Then, an old woman came an gave me an A3 sized poster. At first, I thought, here comes another one asking for money but, I was wrong. Her name is Ida Paulina Barus.


She didn’t ask for anything but, my attention. She gave me a poster of an anti-violence bill. A legal protection for dogs and other animals. She didn’t ask for any money and leave right away after I said I understand, I managed to tell her my story, that I have adopted a rescue dog whom was found at the sewer, left and caged in a very small dirty cage, left to die there.

“I’m not asking for anything. I just love these dogs and it breaks my heart every time I see people torture them, especially restaurant that serves dog meat. Thank you for adopting that little fella.” She thanked me and then left.

I looked and my friend who’s looking at me too. We are both confused and shocked. After a few moment, my friend told me, “Wine, I need to go catch that woman, I need to donate some of my money to help her and her dogs. I need to do this now or I will regret it forever. This is a cause that I longed to support.” He said that and then ran to that woman.

They exchanged numbers and keep in contact even until now. Recently, the woman ask my friend for a little amount of money out of desperation to feed the dogs. She works alone for this cause. An Animal Loving Page once published a bit about her but, only one person came to help her rebuild her backyard to be a proper place for a lot of dogs to live. My heart breaks when I heard about this and I must do something to help her. I know people around the world won’t be able to help her by donating but, I hope everyone can help out with a click, share her story so people in Indonesia can see her effort and help spreading awareness about this.

Dogs are very loyal. They don’t deserve to be tortured or to be kept as a fighting dog.

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