The Lost Symbol?

The Lost Symbol is a book I just picked up, written by Dan Brown whom I’m sure you’ve heard of, probably because of the controversial number one record breaking bestseller novel he wrote title The Da Vinci Code. Or maybe you watched the movie.

I decided to start reading again. Trust me, it’s not because of Doki-Doki Literature Club.

I was looking for something to stimulate my brain again, of course, something more positive than thinking about how to end someone’s life.

I hope this can turns out good. I was actually looking for Angels and Demons, Da Vinci Code, and… Well, all of the Robert Langdon series. I think it will help me somehow.

You know, I used to have this interest in writing, well, maybe even until now but, I’m just not capable of writing that much now. I want to try to get back to it a bit. Maybe I’ll start writing some short stories or… I think even writing this post is actually good for my mental health. Hahaha…

I really think that I have to start doing something that can help myself going back up, or moving forward, just one step is great. I’m sick of being stuck in one place now.


If you have any suggestion of a good exciting novel, I’m down. Let me know~


Not Sherlock Holmes though, I probably have read every Sherlock Holmes that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote…

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