This Season Anime: Ousama Game The Animation

Ousama Game 王様ゲーム

Is originally a cell phone novel written by Nobuaki Kanazawa (pakkuncho) all 5 volumes of it. This season, we get to enjoy the anime adaptation. BUT, is it good though?

The main character, Nobuaki Kanazawa is voiced by the one and only Mamoru Miyano.

The animation is not top quality but, if you like gore and bloody disturbing things, it’s for you.

The story is about a transfer student, Nobuaki, who was the only survivor of the King’s game (ousama game). The entire class of 32 people starting to receive messages on their e-mail (in their phone, ofc) by the “King” who ordered them to do certain things. Those who don’t, will receive a batsu (punishment, which is death, most of the time). Nobuaki is determined to stop the game.

You know, the manga is written by Nobuaki Kanazawa and Hitori Renda, published by Futabasha. Coincidence?

A film based on the cell phone novel was released in 2011. So, there’s a lot of adaptation from the original novel. Must be quite a hype, right?

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