This Season Anime: Inuyashiki, Is it Good?

Inuyashiki is one of this season’s best anime. Why I say this?

So, first of all, let me explain.

Iniyashiki is a anime adaptation from the dark science fiction manga by Hiroya Oku (Gantz) about a middle-aged man who accidentally becomes a cyborg superhero.

Let’s just say it’s not your typical middle-aged man, it’s a very old man who got stomach cancer. He’s an average salary man and he got a sad life.

The story mainly focus on Inuyashiki’s life and how he put up with his cyborg ability to become a hero. Not your everyday superhero since he’s not so pleasing to the eyes, he’s old and he doesn’t have that colourful spandex. Aside from that, he is not the only one who got turned into a cyborg. There’s a young man called Hiro, who got the same ability as Inuyashiki, however he’s not very kind.

He is your typical otaku. A nerd. He’s cold hearted and only care about manga.

There will come a time when they both have to face each other.

For me, I like this anime. Let me tell you, the animation is so smooth. They’ve done a great job on that. I only wish that the voice actor of Hiro could be more like Mamoru Miyano. Or that’s just my opinion.

It’s definitely a unique anime, and it’s worth watching. Oh, but, one thing, it has a dark story about killing people, hobo, yakuza, rape. If that’s not your thing, definitely stay out of this anime.

It has this realistic japanese life story where people bully the homeless, yakuza kidnaps people, slashers, just disturbing things that are common in Japan.

(^ω^)me? I am looking forward for the next episode!

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