How to Approach Your Crush Via Text

I got asked for advice a lot, especially from close friends about how to properly approach someone they like (a.k.a. Their Crush) since I come from a good mannered family (strict traditional family who always talk about honor).

My life sounds awful from that sentence (“¬_¬)

Anyway, I think sending a text is a casual way to start a conversation with your crush. Of course, calling all the time will make your crush thinks that you’re a psycho. And don’t follow your crush everywhere Щ(ºДºщ) It’s illegal.

Texting is low-profile~

And you can hide your super nervous reaction behind an emoji. Use that advantage and destiny draw that courage to get the love of your life!!


Here are some of the tips to help you text your future partner~


Well, first of all, you need your crush phone number. How to get it…? Try being as natural as you can and use a lot of bait. Some people like cheesy lines, you can use that but, make sure your crush is someone who appreciate those lines. Get to know them from their friends. 😏✨

If you only talk to your crush to get their phone numbers, it’ll get quite awkward after that. Try looking for something fun to talk to so you can go out smoothly~

Plan your first message wisely.

Start with something simple.

“Hey, what’s up, (name)?”

Or introduce yourself if they don’t have your phone number. It’s polite and a good manner.

“It’s (your name) from (your class or work, place/platform where you met).”

They might be busy studying for test or doing homework. You can say something like,” We got tons of homework, didn’t we? I could never finish mine.” Or if they’re someone who’s very smart, you can ask them to meet up later to do homework together. Or offer to help them out~

Slick move.

If your crush is watching TV or playing games, it’s better now. Nobody knows better than the otaku!!

It’s your advantage, take it hard!!


Always have a follow up question. Keep the conversation flowing and never reply with just an emoji or hahaha or LOL.

Be sensitive and observe. We are soldier here! We are at war!

Don’t push the conversation and see if your crush is actually busy doing something. They might signal it with “Talk to you later.” Or something similar. Don’t ask questions anymore after that, you don’t want to make yourself look desperate or needy. Just don’t push the conversation when it’s already over. You can text your crush again next time. Be aware of the perfect timing.

When your crush responds by asking you questions, like “What are you doing?” then you know that he or she wants to keep talking. Let love flow naturally. Make sure you’re not ending the conversation. Enjoy your time~

Use holidays and celebrations as conversation starters. You can always ask your crush about their plans. If you’re lucky, you get to make plans with your crush. How bout that, huh?

Oh, don’t forget to talk about hobbies, it’s quite crucial. You’ll get to know your crush and they’ll get to know you. Just don’t get over excited. Balance your chi, lads!

Also, don’t forget, words of appreciation is powerful. Use some of your time to tell your crush how smart he/she is or beautiful, kind, awesome, something to make them feel good about themselves. And don’t forget, whenever your crush win a competition or sort,

Text the person to say “Congratulations.”

Trust me, this works best.

I once read about human psychology about sympathy. You gotta show that you really care. Text something sympathetic. Maybe your crush had a bad exam grade, lost an important game or experienced something really sad, like the death of a pet or family. Send the person a text saying something like, “I’m so sorry to hear what happened. How are you holding up?”

Oh, and don’t forget something really important. With a text, you have 160 characters to send a great message. You don’t have to reply to your crush’s text in an instant. Send a text reply after you’ve had some time to think about it but, don’t take ages!


Take your chances…

When you think it’s time to take it to the next level. Don’t rush things, ok? Like Phil Collins said, you can’t hurry love.

You know you can’t text forever, at a point, you have to make a move to call them. But, when?

If the conversation starts to get intense to really personal subjects, or if your crush starts to ask you for advice about a problem, you can ask your crush if it’s a good time to talk (call) or when do they have a good time to meet you. Meeting is always the best thing because you get to see your crush~


Prepare yourself. If you think you’re feeling really nervous, get a good excuse, a cool one.

Good luck~

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