Taboo Question To Ask Or Is It?

There are a lot of question we ask when we just met someone. We do small talk and sometimes a little check if that person can suit our personality or our type of friendship.  Questions like:

“What’s your name?”


“Are you a first born?”

Are considered normal. Sometimes though, as an artist, I think, I have questions that are overly used, annoying, rude, or maybe just taboo to ask. Please don’t force anyone to answer them…

Here are some of the questions I got asked a lot and the reasons on why I think they should be on the “You should reconsider before asking” list.

“How old are you?”

This is a question we usually don’t think about when we ask. To be honest, some people doesn’t like to reveal their age. Of course, if you’re meeting for a date or further relationship, there’s no avoiding this question. However, if you’re meeting an artist, celebrity, or someone from the entertainment world, it’s best to avoid this question. Plus, it will make me feel either too young or too old. Uncomfortable, isn’t it?


“Where are you from?”

This is a pretty ambiguous question. For me, personally, I’m quite okay with this question but, there are some situation when I hate to answer this question. As you might know, this question might have a bit “racial” stuff inside. That’s the only thing I hate about it. People will say things like,”Oh, I thought you’re Korean.” or,”Oh, I thought you’re blablabla.” That’s going to make me feel so uncomfortable. People can’t choose where they are going to get born at.


“Are you a boy or a girl?”

This question is just stupid. Never ask this question.

“What is your pronoun?”

This is actually ok but, you have to really understand the situation and be sensitive about it. Maybe be more polite when asking like: “Excuse me, but what is your pronoun, if I may ask.” or something like that.


Anything about body weight.

Just a BIG no. Especially to a woman. NEVER.


“How much is your income?”

This is a very weird question I got asked a lot. Why does it bother you to know someone else’s income? This is a very private question and should never be asked.


“Do you like me?”

Ok, this is a very weird question. I think, unless you have known someone for some time and then you confess your feelings to them, this question is one of the question you should not ask. “But, I’m worried. What if he/she/they/you doesn’t/don’t like me?”
In the beginning, everyone have to be sensitive and figure it out by themselves.

Those are some of the most annoying question I have on my top list. Please be considerate as a person, and of course, as a fan, please always remember that your idols are still human. They are people. They have feelings. They have privacy. They have things that they might not feel comfortable enough to share with the whole world and it is nothing to be sad or disappointed in. We need to be respectful.

So, that’s it for me. Do you have some Taboo Question To Ask  that you want to share?


Wine Fallensky


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