To Every Friends And Family

To every friends and family.I’m sorry if I have ever done something that offended and hurt you conscious or not, intentional or unintentional.

I am not perfect and for this past several years, I have not been in my right state of mind.

Please understand that I am very sick and need to prioritize on recovery and be responsible to myself from now on.

I’m sorry for not paying attention to you.

I’m sorry for paying too much attention to you.

I’m sorry that I seemed like I don’t really care.

I’m sorry that I lied.

I’m sorry that I hid myself.

I’m sorry that I loved a bit too much.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t do it.

I’m sorry that I disappoint you.
I’m not sorry for being me…

And I love you guys for always be there for me…

I want to be there for you guys too, always and forever.

Which is why, I want to recover as fast as I can so, I can be here for you.
Please understand that I care for you. I love you. I want to stay. And I appreciate everyone who cared for me, I appreciate every effort to help me, I appreciate that you want to share your world with me.
I want to continue seeing the world through your eyes…

Please wait for me…
I really want to be with all of you…

Thank you for being my friends, family, loved ones…
I truly want you, everyone, to find happiness and peace..

“I love you all and I really us to walk together…”


Archangel Wine F

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