Parents’ 23rd Anniversary

Today is my parents’ 23rd Wedding Anniversary…
It is also the first time I didn’t get to give them anything because I’m very busy with Tokyo Game Show 2016, meeting about a LIVE event in Zepp Diver City, and arranging stuff… I just went back to Tokyo days ago and some of my stuff are stiff in my suitcases.
I realized that we never got the chance to take a family picture ever since my sister went to Sydney and then I went to Tokyo…
I made this post in 2013. I couldn’t find any picture of our complete family (without cousins, other relatives, or strangers)

Don’t you think the older we get, the further we are from our family…? Or is it just me… I mean, my dad doesn’t even know where I study… I don’t know what my mom is doing everyday… Is it because we are so busy with our own life now…? Our own life… As if we’re not in the same world anymore…

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