WWE Japan 2016

July 1st (Friday), WWE Japan Tour will be held in Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan in two days (Until Saturday).

Shinsuke Nakamura, Asuka, AJ Styles is decided to be played directly below!

Shinsuke Nakamura recently “NXT Takeover: Dallas” in play a brilliant WWE · NXT debut, Asuka won the first Japanese NXT Women’s Championship at the undefeated remains the shortest recording in the same tournament, AJ Styles is unusual after debut such as to participate in WrestleMania 32 as early has a remarkable success. The three superstars, the diva of the Arc de concert ticket of “WWE Live Japan” general ticket sale has opened since April 16th. Purchase as soon as possible to get some good seats!

→ WWE Japan Tour special website is here ! [2016 WWE Japan Tour Overview]

■ Event name: WWE LI’ve Japan

■ Open Organizers Date: July 1, 2016 (gold) Doors open at 18:00 curtain 19:00 2016 July  2nd (Saturday) Doors open at 17:00 curtain 18: 00

■ Venue: Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan (Sumida-ku, Tokyo Yokoami 1-3-28)

■ participation schedule: Shinsuke Nakamura, Asuka, AJ styles Roman Rains, Chris Jericho, Seamus, Rusefu, New Day
※ participation plan superstar might change.

■ organizer: WWE / Kyodo Tokyo

■ planning and production: WWE / Kyodo Producers

■ admission: SS seat (Arena):
¥ 25,000 / trout seat S (up to 4 people to): ¥ 30,000
* / trout seat A (up to 4 people to): ¥ 20,000
* / A seat: ¥ 11,000 / B seat: ¥ 6,000 / C seat: ¥ 3,000 / premium seat ( first row to 5 row Arena,
** with not for sale goods): ¥ 40,000
* trout seat S / a will be sold only mass unit.
** Goods will be announced as soon as determined.
※ premium seats there might be sold out in the pre-release. Please note. ■ sale Location: Kyodo Tokyo: 0570-550-799 e +: http://eplus.jp/wwe Pia: 0570-02-9999 (P code: 831-630) Lawson Ticket: 0570-084-003 (L code : 35000)

■ Contact: Kyodo Tokyo: 0570-550-799

■ General Release Date: April 16th (Saturday) from 10:00 to Twitter hash tag: #WWETokyo 2016 April 15th

WHEN Friday, July 1 2016 18:00 Door Open / 19:00 Start

Saturday, July 2 2016 17:00 Door Open / 18:00 Start

WHERE Ryogoku Kokugikan
SS 25,000JPY
Box S
(Box Seat for max 4 guests)
Box A
(Box Seat for max 4 guests)
A 11,000JPY
B 6,000JPY
C 3,000JPY
Premium Seat (Ringside seats – 1-5 rows in Arena section – with exclusive WWE merchandise) 40,000JPY
General sale starts on Saturday, April 16 from 10:00~
There are several options on how to purchase tickets

Kyodo Tokyo [Phone] 0570-550-799 (Japanese only)  11:00am to 6:00pm on weekdays, 10:00am to 6:00pm on Saturday and Sunday
e+ [Web/Mobile] http://eplus.jp/wwe/ (Japanese only) 24 hrs
Ticket Pia P-code: 831-630  (Tokyo)

[Phone] 0570-02-9999  (in Japanese only)
24 hours / no service from 2.30am to 5.30am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

[Web/Mobile] http://pia.jp/ (Japanese only) 24 hours

Lawson Ticket L-code: 35000

[Phone] 0570-084-003 
(Japanese only) 24 hours

[Web/Mobile] http://l-tike.com/ (Japanese only) 24 hours

Purchase at Viagogo>>

For any inquiry, please contact infojapan@wwe.com
WWE Live Japan

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