Dinosaur Expo 2016

Dinosaur Expo 2016

The Cretaceous Period is being dug up again in Tokyo for the Dinosaur Expo 2016 at the National Museum of Nature and Science, which brings to the city two giant prehistoric exhibits. A skeletal reconstruction of a Tyrannosaurus Rex will be displayed along with the newest reconstruction of the Spinosaurus, the largest known carnivorous dinosaur to have walked the Earth.


The first fossils of the Spinosaurus were uncovered in Germany in 1912, but were later destroyed during World War II. Based on the recent discovery of another fossil in Morocco in 2008 and studies of the original remains, a new skeleton was constructed in 2014.

This exhibition offers video presentations and other educational exhibits about dinosaurs, including information based on new evidence that the Spinosaurus was not just a land-dweller but in fact semi-aquatic.



{National Science Museum site}










(Atticus Massari)

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