Derren Brown’s Ghost Train (Thorpe Park)

Derren Brown has a reputation for using a variety of skills — from traditional sleight-of-hand to advanced psychological tricks — to tinker with the minds of audience members at his live shows.

Image Credit: Merlin Entertainments Group
Image Credit: Merlin Entertainments Group

Recently, some unsuspecting “test subjects” witnessed Brown’s freaky technique up close, when he was spotted walking a huge demonic monster on a leash… and then he turned it loose.

Image Credit: Yahoo News
Image Credit: Yahoo News

The horrific “pet” was designed by Brown himself, and constructed as part of an upcoming horror attraction named “Derren Brown’s Ghost Train,” slated to open on May 6 at Thorpe Park — a popular amusement park and resort in Surrey, in the Greater London area.

The 13-minute ride is being promoted as “the world’s only fully immersive psychological attraction designed to manipulate the human mind.”

“Passengers aboard the Ghost Train will experience a pretty extraordinary combination of next generation technology, grand illusion, special effects and live action, completely unlike anything they will have seen before,” Brown told Yahoo News.
Brown has been testing various elements of the attraction on various unsuspecting subjects in a series of “Scare Tests,” as shown in the clip above. We also spotlighted one of these tests late last year, when Brown released a pair of creepy “living dolls” into crowds of London commuters.

“The reactions were hilarious and very encouraging,” he added.













Image © Daniel Schvarcz

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