Being Home And Eclipse Blinded

It’s been almost 3 months since I’ve been home. The thing that shock me the most is the heat. While it’s still quite freezing in Tokyo, here in Surabaya, you feel like an ice cube, you sweat like you’re melting. Now, maybe some of you think that 34 degrees Celsius is not that hot but, I can’t live without aircon on. It’s hard to breath the heat. If I could, I wouldn’t wear a thing because it’s all sticky and… I feel like my shirt is melting and fusing with my skin…

It’s just that hot for me somehow.

And I’m a summer person. Maybe Japan has turned me into a spring person.

Anyway, did you know that there’s an eclipse today in Indonesia? Yeah… Stupid shit but, dad said,“Let’s witness this event.” And I’m like,“Ok… I’m not gonna sleep anyway.” So,  I did. We were wearing layers of glasses and then we went into the car to see it more clearly. There’s nothing special wit eclipse but, seems like everyone is so hyped. The beach near my house was super crowded, you can’t really get in anymore. Oh, and every national TV broadcast it live. What I got in mind is… Are the scientist find out more about Einstein’s relativity theory…

Yeah, I went nuts.

Few days ago, I was washing my hair in the sink. Why? Because it was like… 10 P.M. I think… And I got all those hair gel and spray on me. I gotta get rid of’em, right? Unless I wanna punch holes in my pillows.


So, I use that Gatsby Super Cleansing Shampoo… They’re really good to get rid of these gel on my hair. Easy stuff. Especially when you wash your hair in the sink, you don’t wanna do it over and over and then you still got gel on your hair. Nope.

I was in the middle of that “Shampoo gets in my eyes” stuff when suddenly… I can’t see a thing. The acoustic version of Sweet Child ‘O Mine is still playing through my laptop outside and I was like…

“God, Gatsby blinds me or what…? I’m doomed.”

I washed my face over and over again. I was trying to convince myself that I’m not blind. It’s just a lag… Or is it?



I saw a bit of light in the mirror in front of me. I thought… I’m about to see some kinda ghost or something. But, it’s not. It was some moonlight reflected from the window to the mirror. So, I’m not blind. What was that all about? The electricity went off. Somehow it was cut off, the entire block went down. Dark. Dark with shampoo in your eyes. Dark with super cleansing shampoo in your eyes. Baby, it burns. Trust me. However, I’m relieved that I am NOT blind. Then I heard my sister calling me, saying,”Aren’t you gonna go crazy right now?” and I said, “Can you get in with a flash light or… Use your phone. I’m dying. I thought I went blind.”


Shit happens.

And I have to endure the “You’re so stoopid!” and the super loooooooong laughter.

Not my fault. I was blinded for a moment, by that shampoo, and also, Sweet Child ‘O Mine still playing so, I thought the electricity still running. Oh, yeah, the water also went cold because my water heater is electric. Maybe I caught a flu, maybe I didn’t.

It’s a secret.

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