Good Morning?

Guess how the day started today…
My alarm is DEAD. DEAD… I need to buy a new phone that can function properly…
I was sleeping with my sister next to me… And then she checked her phone (because she had a dream that someone smashed her phone XP)
“Wow, it’s 10 A.M. and we’re meeting with Chia at 11.”
Then we sleep again.
“I should let Chia know.” I said. So I did and we sleep again.
Cuddling in bed is making you feel warm. (It’s cold outside and yesterday was raining really hard, we were soaking wet, I caught a cold)
“We are so stupid. We’re late and we’re sleeping.” I said and we laughed.
“Yeah, we’re such a lazy idiot.” She said, we laughed, and sleep.
“We should wake up.” I said but, we sleep.
“Make me some hot chocolate.” She asked me. But I asked her to get up and make her own hot chocolate and make me one. But we sleep.
I decided to get up and make her some hot chocolate because that was an infinite loop of laziness and stupidity. LOL
I got up and pour some hot water in the paper cup and burned my left thumb. Such a lucky morning for me.
Now I’m just gonna wait for her to shower so, I can shower. The bathroom here is very small.

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