Rehearse, Perform, Repeat

 I’ve been doing a lot of rehearsals since November because we have an event in January 23rd. Yup, last Saturday! Well, I’m really glad that everything went well… Super. It was very tiring… You know, spending the whole day at the studio, on the stage, in the dressing room, they put a lot if stress on the body. I haven’t been able to eat properly and sleep too… I’ve been eating breads, fast food, instant ramen, instant oatmeals… Convenient store food… 😓 Of course, that’s crazy and will cause something later.

Despite all the tiring days, I feel really excited. I mean, this is what I wanted. This is it. We’re doing it, living the dream… This is where it all start… Hard work and consistency… Passion… And sleepless nights… Hahaha…

We were performing in Shibuya, Mt. Rainier Hall, Pleasure Pleasure… 

 It was super fun…

Of course, I’ve been dreaming about performing here in Japan…

So… After the event on Saturday, I have rehearsals again… Sunday morning, Monday evening,  Tuesday and Wednesday: All day in TOWER HALL. Yeah… We have this week as rehearsal week… LOL

 I’m going to perform with drumline X capoeira dance for BIRTH/RE~GENERATION on February 5th.

So, yup… More rehearsals and I haven’t got time to regain my energy… Quite drained after the event at Shibuya… I will get some rest after this event for sure. For now, I just have to stay strong, keep in shape, try to take care of myself…

By the way, last rehearsal at TOWER HALL was crazy. A lot of people catch a flu so, they distributed some mask for everyone to wear. We looked like we’re working in a lab and trying to to get those virus in our system.

There’s one time when I was eating sandwich, a guy sneezed like 6 times and I was thinking… How in the world can he live with that… 6 times in a row… Wow.   

Look at our busy schedule… LOL

Here’s more details about our next event… 

We are TSM! 2016

平成28年2月5日(金) 引換13:30 / 開場14:30 / 開演15:00








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