Pray For Jakarta

I was just talking about extremist organization with my sister yesterday… And then today, I was sick… Couldn’t get out of bed. I didn’t even hear my alarm clock. I missed rehearsal and I didn’t inform anybody about it. Then I woke up with pain all over my body and shocked that… It’s 5.30 P.M. ! I reach my phone to inform my band members and then… I saw the news.You have no idea how I feel.

I’m sick.

I missed rehearsal.

Everything hurts. My head, my body, my heart and soul.

Here’s what happened…

Key Points:

1. Several explosions have rocked central Jakarta near a popular shopping mall

2. At least six people are dead, police say

 3. After the initial blasts gunfire and further explosions were heard

4. Police say they have now killed four of the attackers

 5. All times are in GMT

Witnesses say blasts hit a police box

Posted at 04:40

Eyewitnesses say that the blasts took place at a police box in the middle of a road, near the Sarinah shopping centre in the Indonesian capital, and at least two bodies can be seen.

A series of blasts have rocked the central business district of Jakarta, followed by gunfire. There are reports of at least two people killed.

Busy downtown area close to UN offices

Posted at 04:41

The Sarinah shopping centre is close to the presidential palace and United Nations offices. It is in a busy downtown area with major hotels and offices for multinational corporations.

Blasts appeared to have hit police post

Posted at 04:45

Indonesian media have begun tweeting the first pictures of the bomb scene. The explosions appeared to have hit a police post.

Crowds gather by bomb site

Posted at 04:49

More pictures of the bomb site have emerged on Twitter showing a crowd gathering in the area. This image by local media outlet Kompas shows the site with two bodies on the road blurred out.

‘People are hiding’

The BBC’s Jerome Wirawan near the scene

Posted at 04:51

Police are cordoning off the area and asking people to stay away. There are unconfirmed reports of gunmen nearby. Just now police officers were taking cover behind a car. It’s quite frightening actually

SWAT officers arrive on the scene

Posted at 04:53

Police officers dressed in SWAT attire have arrived near the Sarinah shopping mall in Jakarta, where the blasts took place.

Reports of a second explosion

Posted at 04:55

Twitter users in Indonesia are sharing updates of another explosion in Jakarta, this time in the western Palmerah district. 

‘Gunfire continuing’ at bomb site

Posted at 04:56

There are multiple reports of ongoing gunfire near the bomb site, specifically near a Starbucks outlet at the Sarinah shopping centre.

More SWAT officers arrive at scene

Posted at 04:59

The ABC’s Indonesia bureau chief has shared an image on her Twitter account, of SWAT police officers gathering near the Sarinah shopping mall. 

Eyewitness report – ‘Three dead at scene’

Posted at 05:00

One of the blasts was reportedly in a Starbucks cafe. 
“The Starbucks cafe windows are blown out. I see three dead people on the road. There has been a lull in the shooting but someone is on the roof of the building and police are aiming their guns at him,” a Reuters photographer was quoted as saying. 

AFP: At least four killed by explosions

Posted at 05:18

AFP is quoting a police spokesman as saying that four people have died – one police officer and three civilians. Anton Charliyan told the news agency: “For now the gunfire has stopped but they are still on the run, we are afraid there will be more gunshots.”

Crowds gather despite initial shock

Posted at 05:27

Despite panic and initial shock, big crowds soon gathered at the scene – to watch police pursuing suspects.

Perpetrators ‘hiding in theatre’ – reports

Posted at 05:31

Indonesia’s Metro TV says that the perpetrators behind the explosions are allegedly hiding in the Djakarta Theatre, while news outlet Detik is reporting that police are surrounding the theatre.

Police chief says no explosion in Palmerah

Posted at 05:33

National police chief Anton Charliyan has told Metro TV that there was no explosion in Palmerah. There were earlier unconfirmed reports that there were other blasts in the area, which is a separate neighbourhood from Sarinah in Jakarta.

Gunmen may still be inside Sarinah mall

Posted at 05:37

Jeff Hutton, a Christian Science Monitor journalist, is at the scene. 
He tells BBC’s Newsday programme: “It still seems to be very much a situation in flux. Police are doing their best to secure the area. They believe that there are still gunmen inside the Sarinah mall.”

US embassy issues emergency message

Posted at 05:38

The US embassy has issued this alert for its citizens: “This emergency message is being issued to advise all US citizens to avoid the area around Sari Pan Pacific Hotel and Sarinah Plaza on Jalan Sudirman Thamrin, in downtown Jakarta. Preliminary reports indicate an explosion and gunfire has occurred in the general vicinity and situation continues to unfold.”

‘Gunfire on the street’ – eyewitness relives the horror

Posted at 05:55

Jeremy Douglas, who works in a UN building near where the explosions happened, describes what he saw. 
He tells BBC World TV: “We were pulling into the office, we got out of the car and then an explosion occurred maybe about 150 metres away. 
“Then we ran into the building. We heard a third explosion. We got up to our office on the 10th floor and we heard a fourth (explosion), a fifth and a sixth and there is gunfire going on in the street right now.” 

Tanks roll into central Jakarta

Posted at 06:08

The army has been called in and several tanks have rolled into central Jakarta near the blast site, reports the ABC’s Indonesian bureau chief Samantha Hawley.

‘Maximum damage’

Former BBC Indonesia Editor Karishma Vaswani

Posted at 06:14

Although it’s unclear who is behind these attacks and too early to say who might be responsible, Jakarta police have been saying for sometime that an attack on Indonesian soil may be just a matter of time. The initial nature of these attacks appear designed to illicit maximum damage.

President Joko Widodo condemns attack

Posted at 06:16

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has said he is cutting short his visit to the West Java town of Cirebon and returning to the capital. He was quoted by AP news agency as saying: “We express condolence to those who became victims, but we all also condemn the attack.” He has ordered security forces to hunt down the perpetrators.

Police continue gun battle with perpetrators

Posted at 06:25

Armed police are still engaged in a sporadic gun battle with the perpetrators who are holed up in at least one building near the blast site.

What we know so far

Posted at 06:43

A series of blasts have hit the Sarinah intersection, in the commercial heart of Indonesia’s capital. Reports say at least six people have been killed.

A number of people attacked the police box in the centre of the intersection with explosives, possibly grenades.

More explosions were seen at nearby buildings including at a Starbucks outlet.

Armed police have sealed off the area, and are engaging in a gun battle with remaining perpetrators. Armoured military vehicles have been seen coming into the area.

The US embassy, near Sarinah, has warned its citizens to stay away from the area.

Police have denied reports of more explosions at another district known as Palmerah.

Reuters: ‘Four attackers shot dead’

Posted at 06:49

Four attackers have been shot dead and police are securing a building where the attackers were holed up, said Reuters news agency quoting police spokesman Iqbal Kabid.
He said that the gun battle took place at a cinema in the same building as a Starbucks outlet that was attacked. 

Straits Times: Some gunmen still in building

Posted at 07:14

Singaporean newspaper The Straits Times is quoting police as saying that two or three attackers are still in the building where they have been engaged in a gun battle with security forces.

Deputy police chief says six dead and 10 wounded

Posted at 07:55

Deputy police chief Budi Gunawan just spoke to reporters
He said:
Four perpetrators have been killed: two in a shootout in front of the Djakarta Theater, and two in a suicide bomb at the police post in front of Sarinah shopping centre, across Starbucks.

Two civilians have been killed, one of whom is a foreigner

Ten people are wounded, including five police officers, and one Algerian.
‘Counter terrorism forces on the scene’

Posted at 08:15

Todd Elliott, a terrorism expert with a Jakarta-based consultancy firm, told the BBC that special police counter terrorism forces and the military are believed to be sweeping the scene of the attack.

“Under control”

Posted at 08:26

Indonesian National Police has posted a statement on their official Facebook page. It reads: “The situation is under control. There are 7 attackers, 3 dead, 4 captured.”

Confusion over number of attackers

BBC Monitoring

Posted at 08:42

The Jakarta Globe says that “confusion abounds” over the exact number of attackers and victims. According to the paper, a Facebook post issued by the Indonesian police saying that there were seven attackers – three of whom had been shot dead and four “incapacitated and arrested” – contradicts earlier statements by the police on the number of attackers.

Watch: President Joko Widodo condemns attacks

Posted at 08:41

Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo has urged the public to stay calm

Via BBC News

Here’s a live monitoring link from BBC.

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