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First of all… How was your Christmas and new year celebration? I hope all is well… I went back home and had some BBQ with fams and friends… Had dinner with some friends during the holiday. It was fun. Grandma was there. The only thing I wish I could do is meeting my aunt who took care of me when I was a kid. She said she’ll be there but, turns out she can’t. She had her reason and it’s ok. I’m just a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to spend some time with her. I miss her a lot. Last time I saw her was 2014’s chinese new year. Tough luck.

I was at the station waiting for the bus going to Haneda Airport.


We attended a mass in the church near our house. I decided to wear a Santa hat cuz I think it’ll be fun. I’m just that guy who really loves to get out of the normal line. This Christmas, I didn’t get to spend time visiting orphanage or anything like that. It’s a short holiday for me and we’re kinda busy with everything… I have to visit the guitar shop to fix my guitar and I need to order my custom hard case too.

After Christmas mass, I took a picture with grandma. I wear this santa hat during mass. LOL


Took a picture with the whole family after Christmas mass. Everyone is happy except my lil bro. He hate taking pictures because he think he looks bad.


What’s more is…

Guess what…

My ‘lil sister keep asking me (begging) for a kitten, yeah, she reeeeeaaally want a cat. Mom was super against it. However, somehow, magically, we were able to convince dad. I never want to get it from a pet shop so, I did some research, looking for people who might have some kitten for adoption. I found some. First house we visit, the owner’s not there. So, we thought we’re gonna go back the day after but, I checked my phone again and found another cat owner near the custom hard case shop. We went there and yeah, my sister, she fell in love.

Mako, my sister’s new kitty… Somehow everyone likes him. New family member who’s actually more like the new boss… Purr…


Okm, I have huge thighs… But, that’s not the point here. Mako is such a spoiled brat! LOL


At the airport before leaving Indonesia for Japan again. I really wanna stay for another week. I had some injection to the face in the afternoon, you can see the marks. XP

Anyway… I’m back in Tokyo now. Flight was on January 5th, midnight. Terrible. I didn’t get the window seat which is the worst. I have anxiety flyin’ and it’s really bad. Super anxious during the flight… I was really tired, I tried to sleep and guess what, I had a nightmare. It was so bad, I couldn’t sleep anymore no matter how tired I was. When I was home, I didn’t get those nightmares anymore. (Before, I was dealing with a horrible depression and unable to sleep. Insomnia, sleep deprivation, nightmares.) Now they’re back and worse! I wake up from one nightmare straight into another nightmare. And they feel too real.

It’s 4.15 A.M. now and I’m writing this cuz I can’t sleep. Slowly, I become afraid of these nightmares. So sick of them… I crave for some nice peaceful sleep…

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