A Cup of Shit

I always thought that being nice to everyone is a good thing… Cuz we don’t know what they’ve been through…But, there’s always this someone you have to be nice around even though you just wanna stab the person right in the eye…

And another thing…

No matter how hard I tried to love you like how I used to… All I want is to leave this place. You’re like the source of my hatred… The root of my anger… Countless time I try to forgive you but, I just can’t let myself down every time you repeat it…

It’s driving me crazy how humans can be so ignorant…

Ignoring the fact that some violence can cause trauma… Especially to a kid. As they said, you can’t fill a cup that’s already full.

I’m someone who would love to argue as long as the other side is open minded and not stupid. Can’t argue with stupid. And in a debate, (with stupid) you’ll just hear endless empty words that will lead to nothing but my boiling blood. Sometimes I just want to kill stupid ignorant humans.

Arguing with empty opinion against a doctor’s test results is simply dumb.

DNA, genes, blood cells… They don’t lie and they are relevant. While “I think” is something you should stop using if you don’t wanna be stupid in a very serious argument.

I hate that 2 hours full of bullshit.

People who don’t know anything should keep their mouth shut rather than babbling about something they don’t understand. So full of shit! 

It makes me angry.

Shallow ignorant people are the worst. And I got one that I could never get rid of.

Why can’t those people shut up and just listen… They’re not even trying to understand.

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