Christmas 101

By Christmas 101, what I mean most of the time is…


We need more than one Santa.

Let me start with how I usually like to do for Christmas.

Wine’s Christmas To-D0 List

  1. Go to Church.

    Well, this one… Somehow it’s a must. It’s like family tradition, religious tradition. It’s just a must.
    Usually we will go to church at midnight. Oh, this year, mom told me to bring my camera for… Like… I’m suppose to take pictures for everyone in the church.

  2. Sharing Joy

    Now this is what I like to do. Go to orphanage, bring some good food, and~
    Toys. Kids need toys. Things about sharing joy is that… It makes me feel happy and peaceful. I feel like I’m not a useless peace of shit. I mean, if you know you can make these strangers smile…
    Sometimes I even buy some food and pack it then, I’ll drive my car. When I see homeless people on the street, I give them those food.
    Last year, we packed some stuffed animals, mostly teddy bears, and then we gave them to an all girls orphanage. Kids were so happy. However, even though I’m always thrilled for charity and I love kids, I’m super shy… Mom have to announce to everyone that I will give them all the teddy bears. But, I’m still like,”Uh………” #stunned

  3. Family Time

    My family time is pretty much me giving them some gifts and then we’ll watch some movies. Lazy time. Usually mom will give me something. Like perfume? Last Christmas, I was really happy since mom gave me this perfume that’s really my taste. I like to smell fresh and somewhat cool masculine fragrance. Well, mom hate it. However, she gave me that because she knows I like it. She’s being selfless… For a day… LOL I know she’s not that selfish. It’s a great thing. Somehow it’s touching.
    Dad, on the other side, doesn’t really care. I know it’s not his thing. Most of the time, I’m the only child who’s very excited for family event. Funny, I never thought I care that much.

  4. All-Night Gaming + Movies

    Yeah, we don’t sleep. Sleep is for the WEAK!

  5. Pizza Time
    Just a MUST.

Wine’s Wish List

Now, off to this year’s wish list. You know, I actually have some stuff in my wish list.

  1. Strandberg 7-String Guitar

    Have you ever heard of the headless guitar? One of the most important aspects of an ergonomic guitar is that it is lightweight, and rests easily on your shoulder when you play it standing up. Unless it balances well, the neck will want to dive against the floor, and it is impossible to play it relaxed.
    I’m in love with this guitar. Small lightweight full scale guitar. Well, as a guitarist, you know it is completely normal to want guitar and more guitar. Well, I’ve been wanting to play 7 string guitar for a while now.

  2. Legal Name Change

    I’ve been wanting to change my legal name forever. It’s ridiculous. I don’t wanna live with this name any longer. I’d get really irritated if someone use my birth name.

  3. New Pair of Glasses

    I want a pair of glasses with photo-chromatic lenses installed. It’s quite expensive…? Well, that’s not it. It’s just that it’ll take more than 2 weeks to order them. And, I have pretty high (-) so it’ll be really thick unless we ask for an extra special lenses, like mine. Well, basically they can make it thinner. So, special order…

  4. Godzilla

    I believe you had a guess when this will come out.


  5. Star Wars: Battlefront with complete DLC

    Because everyone want one.


  6. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

    Because I play Call of Duty a lot and I like FPS… I need more…


  7. Sound Monitoring headphone

    I actually need it for recording. I’ve been thinking of getting a Beyerdynamic DT770Pro 250 for sound monitoring.

  8. 7 Metres Guitar Cable

    During practice, I somehow always pulled the cable out of the amp. I used 3 metres cable now. Well, I need to get a really long one. Hahaha…

  9. Katana Sword

    I collect stuff like this and for precaution.

  10. Some Really Nice Bubble Bath

    I love taking super long bath. It’s relaxing and I don’t have to stress myself with anything life’s offering.

  11. Peterson Classic Strobo Tuner


  12. Schecter PA-ZK-T7 Original Dragon Graphic

  13. Small Calf-Skin Wallet

    I begin to hate using Coca Cola wallet. I just want to keep it. Using it makes it dirty. Yeah, can you believe it? LOL
    I actually use 2 wallets. 1 I put my ID cards and money in ¥ and the second one I put my member cards, credit cards, a picture of my best friend Queeny, Uruha ‘s (the GazettE) guitar pick, and money in IDR, AU$, and US$. I need to stop using Coca Cola wallet to look a bit more serious. Hahaha…

  14. Pizza

    And I will have some.


Really, just have to end the list with PIZZA!


Most of the time, I will end up buying all the stuff in my wishlist. Like pizza… I can’t wait for anyone to give it to me…

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