What I’m Afraid of in Winter

It’s the end of November and you all know what it means…


Me, I hate the cold, obviously. I mean, it’s too damn cold. Who can survive this?

I’m exaggerating.


I truly hate the cold weather. I have reasons for that.

Cuz I’m afraid of things. Or I just hate it.

1. Running out of Anime

In the super cold weather like this, I like to sit in front of my laptop with food surrounding me, covered in layers of blanket and turn on the heater 24/7. I’ll binge watch for the whole season which means I’m gonna watch all the season of every anime.

2. Running out of FOOD

While binge watching, I love to eat. Who doesn’t… Running out of food when you watch your favorite anime is the worst. Also, it’s cold and I’m super warm in these blankets. The point is, I don’t wanna move from this spot.

3. Running out of Heat Patch

I don’t know about you but, I use this instant heat patch. They’re packed in plastic bags and if you remove the plastic, you got this white pocket made of fabric with something like black sand inside. Shake it a bit and they’ll go super warm. Some require to be microwaved to get warm but, knowing me, I don’t have time for that.

Without this thing, my toes will get super cold and I hate that feeling when you sit 24/7, eating, and binge watching… Then your feet get cold… I don’t wear socks by the way. Because it will smell super yuck, that’s why.

4. Running out of WINE

We all know how this feels.

5. Pee on Myself


Well… I don’t wanna move from this spot which means… I’m gonna hold it until I can’t hold it anymore and then rush to the toilet. You know, sometimes, when it’s cold, you just can’t hold it like summer. It’s cold and you’re shaking, freezing, dying… It’s just a bad habit to hold it but… I can’t……………………….. That’s how we do things in winter.

6. Dead Spiders near the Window

I never kill the spiders here because they’re really useful during spring and summer. They keep other insects away. I hate insects. But, hey, spiders are not insects. They’re monsters.

However… My ‘lil pet a.k.a. Mr. and Mrs. Spiders, they somehow die during winter. I found some of them lying on the floor near my doors. 😦

7. Pilled Laundry, pilled Dishes, pilled TRASH

This is the most annoying thing. I have to do the laundry, wash the dishes… It’s super cold, I don’t wanna get wet. My fingers could freeze.

“I couldn’t feel my fingers! AMBULANCE! CALL THE AMBULANCE!”

But, I have to.

I don’t wanna move from my spot but… I have to. AND I have to open the window and let that super cold air inside… (To hang all the clothes)

Then… Trash.

With all the food, I have a lot of trash during the winter. Like… Wine bottles… Snickers’ wrappers… Used heat patch… And other stuff. And I have to take them out. Means I have to leave my room, go outside, and leave the trash there for the garbage truck to pick them up in the morning.

8. Running out of Clothes

Running out of clothes to wear because I wear 1,000 layers of clothes during winter. Hey, I wanna keep myself warm. And then… Pilled laundry. Now you know why I’m afraid of pilled laundry. I can’t run out of sweaters and blankets or I’ll die in the cold.

And I can’t make a camp fire inside.

Oya-san will kill me.

“Burn!” *Flamethrower*

9. Forgetting what Time, Day, Month, or Year

This happens…


10. When today is the last day of my Holiday

When you realize that today is Sunday… And tomorrow is Monday… And you forgot the date and everything (refer to number 9), and then your reminder says…

“Tomorrow: School starts!”

You died a bit there.

There are a lot of things that I’m afraid of in winter actually but, these 10 are my top 10 fear. Well, not really but, they’re like top 10 things I’m afraid of in winter that still make sense… Cuz I can say I’m afraid if there’s a meteor hit Tokyo and release the T virus and the virus infect everyone and they started chasing me. I’ll die for sure, I’ll commit seppuku right on the spot because I’m sure as hell I don’t wanna run from zombies in the super cold winter. No chance in hell. #Seppuku

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