9 Hours Complicated


It’s midnight and I’m wide awake. Intentional, actually… It’s my lil’ girl’s birthday today. Which is a bit confusing. It’s the first time we’re separated by time. By that, I mean timezone difference. She lives 9 hours behind me. Which is why, I’m confused. Should I wish her happy birthday now or should I wait until 9 A.M. ?

It’s always so complicated. Time difference… Urgh… I hate it. First of all,  terrible at math… Really, the worst. Even for simple calculation. Sometimes I don’t even know what time is it there without looking at world clock (cheating). Even when I was in LA, I have no clue about the time in Tokyo or Bali (my dad’s there). It pisses me off, you know? For me, time is important. I like to keep track of time. It makes me feel a bit more certain about what I should do. Some kind of secure feeling.


I met her in junior high school and she remains the closest person to me. Well, maybe it’s me, the way I am with people, as you might know, I’m not good at socializing without help. Or it’s fate.

Sounds cliché, right?

But it is the way it is.

I got in a lot of trouble in my school days. I’ve been such a rebel, always am. 

And she’s always there helping me with my evil plans to destroy the world.

The point is… We’ve done stuff.

All the journey we’ve been through, all the trouble, all the horror movie and midnight cuddles, all the vacation, late night conversations…

Until now 5,900 miles away, 9 hours apart. We both are pursuing our dreams and I’m glad we’re doing it. I am… Proud of you.

I know I couldn’t remember much due to my limited memory but, I have all the feelings and emotions stored safely.

Happy birthday.

I hope you can be the mature girl you wanna be, less thinking until you couldn’t sleep,

Reach your dream ++ , the greatest designer ever,

the evilest, cruelest being…

The kindest person to me 😈

Find the joy in your life,

And realize that you are a blessing… Never think that you’re a burden ever again. 

“Happy birthday, My chlorophyll…” 😈

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