Trick or treat, guys…!

Happy halloween…

I went to Shibuya for halloween and yeah, it’s crowded, like a sea of humans, I mean, monsters and every crazy being out there. People are crazy about halloween here. Some were just wearing underwear. They’re crazy! It’s cold! The wind is blowing strong too, remember, it’s autumn already.

Yeah, I didn’t notice it’s the end of October already. Time flies or we’re just careless.

I decide to be Freddy Krueger from Elm Street for halloween. I didn’t want to be the normal Freddy with the sweater. As you might know, I have to keep myself warm. Hahaha… So I decide to wear a t-shirt, really bloody white shirt, knit neck tie, and a black blazer. Freddy is going to meet someone in Walstreet. LOL

You know I live in Edogawa so, we have to board the train… With those make ups… And that creepy brass glove…

People stared at me on the train. When I was walking out the station, some people screamed at me, some asked to take some pictures, some just said I look scary.


I look deformed Щ(ºДºщ) 

I met this super cool punk zombie! o(^▽^)o

I just have to take picture with him. Really cool make up…

Can you imagine how we move among these people?

I was on level 3 ; just to capture this moment. (And to breath) 

I’m with my friend, Maru.

Maru, Ray, Chia, Wine, and… That nurse from Silent Hill.

We booked a table for dinner. Gyuukaku~ yeah, we love bbq. Guss what, Chia the vampire have to take her teeth out. And me, eating with that much make up was crazy… When I chew, the latex mask move. 

So, how did I put them on…

Chia and Ray went to my house at 4 P.M. and help me apply the blood gel and adjust everything. I don’t wanna use full face mask or deluxe mask because we need to have dinner. LOL! Not just that, mostly they are overpriced (over my budget) and the cheap mask is really stupid… They look super fake and really uncomfortable… Thick, hot, and it will really make me hard to breath and talk.


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