Too Much Wine, Too much…

We all have that day when we just wanna get out and have fun then one of our friends would ask if we should get some drinks… Which will turn into a crazy drinking night… And them eventually you drink a bit too much and feel like shit. Yup.

That happens, right?

Wobbly, trying to walk into the shower and then fell asleep for 5 minutes in the shower. Throw ourself on the bed then feeling like we wanna pee. Went back to the toilet. And the infinite circle of death. Hahaha…

It’s even worse when we have our phone in our hand (or our friend’s hand) , we will start calling people , texting weird messages… Or cry because we feel like our liver is crying out loud.

Which is ok to have once in a while (crazy drinking+a night on the train station).

But it’s always like that. Even with life.

Sweet taste, more sweet taste, got really deep into it because it’s sweet. Feels good. Until the moment you have to stop because it starting to gives you headaches, feeling really nauseus, ultimate dizziness, and then fall into the ground. The “not so happy” human cycle. Which happens a lot…

We get too sweet, too comfortable… And then we fell off the fun piggy back ride and got left with bruises and skinned knees.


Kids… That’s the saddest part of fun ride. It always ends and sometimes with tears.

Especially when you had too much wine for the night.

And too many food with cheese…

And pizza. Because pizza will always be there for you, with tears or smiles. Pizza.


“Actually, it’s about how you feel toward the other person across the dining table. You love her so much, you know it will hurt. However, you can’t stop. Because you love her that much. And in the end, it’s not you what she’s looking for. It will never be you. So you take a bottle of wine with your broken heart and try to fix it so you can continue loving her. Until you had enough. Or no more wine.”

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