Wine’s Life And Dysphoria

What makes me who I am, my childhood, my parents… My depression that I’ve tried to run away from has made me crazy.
I remember someone gave me a barbie doll on my 5th or 7th birthday and I made T-rex ate her… Or she’ll be Shredder’s bitch. I mean, that barbie doll is bigger than my T-rex… That doesn’t make any sense…!
One day someone gave me a kitchen set… Which is crazy. Can you imagine a kitchen twice the size of a T-rex…? Or maybe even bigger…
I turned it into an airplane and play diorama like in Jurassic Park 3 when Alan fly above Isla Sorna.

Midnight Rollercoaster

Far far away from home No one to talk to Sad and lonely Far far away from home No one to comfort me Cold and sad Far far away from home No one to laugh with Lonely and sad It’s heavy Weight that I carry It’s a long rough path And it’s dark Even my…