The Dreamers

I was in Australia for about 10 days a while ago. I was there for vacation and my sister was there for some farewells. She’s done her study there. I kinda went there to help her carry her stuff. She has a lot of things to pack… She even donated like 20kg of clothes… Hahaha…

So, while I was in Gold Coast, I went to this restaurant, a seafood restaurant. The food there was awesome!

I went to have dinner there. Surfer’s paradise, Seafood Empire… The pizza was really good… And the milkshakes, crazy! Ate some fish ‘n chips, baramundi, and the prawn there smells really good.

So, I was there with my sister until…  10 or 11, I forgot. We’re both kinda nocturnal so… Yeah… Or was it 9… The place close really early in Australia. Only some shops left open at night.

A guy with an Epiphone guitar went in. He asked me if we’d like to listen to his songs. He wrote it himself. It’s quite nice.

“It’s called ‘Teddy Bear Love’, I wrote it.” He said.

His name is Jimmy Castano. Yeah, he’s not that young. I was so impressed with this guy, walking with his guitar, playing, enjoying his life. He asked me if I want to buy his CD. He recorded it professionaly. I said,”yeah, why not.” I gave him $5. We asked him about his music, his songs, why is he doing this because he’s not young, you can see it in that picture. His love for music just amaze me.

It’s really inspiring to meet people like that. Living for the dream.

He’s not the only one. I met this guy on the street of Sydney. He was just there, drawing on those huge sheet. With his pen, doing what he loves. He gave his work for free. Yeah, free as in $0. As if stating that art is free. It’s the freedom. True art is never about the money. It’s about the work and respect.

I took some of his work and put $5 in his bowl. 

Things like this inspire me. Street artist. I love them. They’re living for their dream! There’s nothing wrong with that. People could go judgemental and mock them,”How can you live like that? That’s terrible!” But, NO! They are so free, they don’t care about the money. They just want their art to get the respect they deserve. It’s never about the money. They need money for their food, home, hygiene, their tools. Money is for the basic! Look at them, living so free… Doing what they love. I feel so motivated. I think these people are awesome. They don’t need expensive suits or designer’s bag to make them happy. You see, money is not the only thing that can make you smile. There are some things in life that you can enjoy right there in the moment… And you know money can’t buy thoe joy.

“Believe none they tell you and half of what you see.”  -Thomas Jefferson

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