Twisted Animalistic Insanity

Once upon a time, it was all pitch black. No light could went through the thick solid cage. We cast our demons inside. So deep that they were forgotten. We inflicted pain to ourself.

“How pathetic…”

Shamelessly we walk into the crowd covered by rotten flesh. Sinned in every way. We’re hiding behind our twisted policy. Our corrupt mind covering all the shit we left behind every path. We clawed our way, sacrificing our divinity. Even the lowest vermin on earth would never bother to take a look at our psychotic nature.


We set out foot on every field, leaving behind destruction, chaos, sorrowful scream, giving away nasty scars. We shield ourself with fresh meat. We hide our pride and step on it as we forget who we are. We beheaded our gods and erase the word sin. 

“How malicious…”

We were young. We were some ignorant imbecile. We were savages.

“Such a beast… Such monstrousity…”

Once upon a time, lightning struck on us. Butchering the limbs, disoriented our fucked up philosophy. We died that day. They took our key, key to the lock we have long forgotten. They unleashed our demons. Who we are, who we supposed to be since the day we escaped our mother’s womb.

This little demons, they speak unto us just like an angel.

“Do this, do that…”

We’re scared. We’re afraid. Fear has consumed our heart. We didn’t understand our original sin.

We were one of the dead souls wondering around without purpose.


As time passes by, we found out about the light as we wonder through the night. We become aware of who we are. The psychotic nature of those demons drives us crazy. However we’re used to them by now. We realized what we are.

“Such a beast… Such monstrousity…”

We are chaos. We are those demons. We are the flames that burns the world for eternity. We spent years trying to hide, denying ourself. We killed ourself and now trying to revive it. We want to fix everything but, it is done. No one would accept us.

We are the anomaly.

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