Mint Chocolate Chips Cookies And Superheroes


It’s midnight here in Sydney, Australia, where I’m at. Why am I not sleeping right now? Because I’m starving. We skipped dinner today because we were watching “The Marriage of Figaro” at Sydney Opera House. Yes, I watched an opera by Mozart.

Infact, I enjoy it very much.

So now, I’m diggin some of these mint chocolate cookies to fill me up. You know how I eat and I really need to eat a lot because I’m on vacation and I need more energy to walk, run, jump, and the super excitement. I’m just like a kid afterall.

I’m gonna finish this mint chocolate chip cookies…

While my sister… She’s in bed already. She kinda hurt her ankle when we’re going to Sydney Opera House. She fell on the stairs in Museum Station. Poor sis… She’s still in pain…

I went to King’s Comic this morning and bought some comic books. Guess…

Yes, some superheroes ! And super villain… Hahaha…

It’s an awesome day for me. However, not for my sis. Poor sis, again.

I wish I could carry her wherever she wanna go tomorrow but, I ain’t that strong and she’s heavy… Hahaha…

I feel kinda tired so, I’d probably go to bed right after I fill my tank. (・ω・)ノ おやすみ

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