It’s In The Air, I Can smell It

The whole zoo is roaring in my stomach. Not because I’ve been eating like a monster these days hahaha… The real reason is because I saw my best friend after such a long time. I can’t sleep now, it’s 2 A.M. and really, I’m tired and sleepy but, I can’t sleep Щ(ºДºщ) 

So, I think I talked about my best friend quite often…

This person can make me happy super easily. Just by lookin’ at ’em, I’ll be crazy inside, since I’m not someone who show people what I feel.

I got nervous every time I’m about to see ’em. It’s just the way it is. We love each other like no human. We’re connected like no others. I called it destiny, fate. 

Today, I got to meet’em again and even if it’s only for an hour, I really appreciate it. You must be tired but, you decided to spend some time with me. Thank you (⌒▽⌒)

“You look nice.”

I enjoy being with this person because I can be myself and it’s ok. I can be crazy and well, we’re crazy (・ω・)ノ 

We’re like… Completely different but, we connect instantly. It’s just like that everytime.

I’m being super euphoric… Hahaha…

I miss this person so much, I wanna spend every second with’em. I love ’em and the thing is that I feel really comfortable with’em. Like being with someone you ‘ve known for your entire life. Well, I know my best friend since junior high but, we’re actually in the same elementary school. I was just this crazy kid who’s not aware of my surroundings. Still am…

We did a lot of things in junior high together. Almost everything, I think… But, you know, I have a really short memory. I don’t really remember stuff. My memory is like a labyrinth. I have to go really deep and it’s really hard to recall some events. I can only remember the emotions, I was happy that time… It’s always a pleasure to be with someone you love, right? The right person, even in the worst possible moment, everything will feel awesome, just perfect.

I lost around 2 years. Completely lost. I have no contact with this person. Total disappearance. But, I guess we made up… I think that’s how things are suppose to be. When you love someone, you should just tell them that you want ’em to stay in your life… Or maybe it only works for some people (>_<)

Thing is…

I can feel it close to my heart, that you are the one I need to stay by my side, next to my dream, for my last 29 years…

“Thank you for meeting me this evening. I love spending time with you…”


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