Why Appearance Is Important

Recently, there’s a lot of people asking and saying stuff like “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” or saying that appearance doesn’t matter and talk about inner beauty. Well, we all know… That’s bullshit. Unless you’re one of the those people.

People who said those “encouraging” stuff, they’re not really applying it to their lives. And, of course, the fact that we all judge a book by it’s cover unless, we read some reviews or someone recommend it. Looking at a book with white cover and nothing on it, will you just buy it…? Hell, no! Stop lying… It’s so stupid that we feel sorry for those who believe them.

Would you walk with a stranger who look dirty? Would you want to pick up a girl who doesn’t dress up at all?

I’m not talking about physical disability or disease or some unfortunate situations, just about people who choose to dress up nice.

We like people who appreciate themselves. The way you dress up shows that. Your appearance shows people who you are, it’s a way to express yourself. For me, I’m someone who thinks that first impression is very important. It’s the way you ‘advertise’ yourself. First impression determines whether you want to know the other person more or just stop right there.

Your appearance is also affecting people around you, whether they’re comfortable being seen with you or not. Me, I won’t be comfortable if you dress up like a clown and walk next to me. It’s an extreme example, right? Ok… I don’t like it when someone walk next to me just wearing a dirty wrinkled shirt, horrible looking sandals, pants with holes that looks like they found it in a garbage somewhere, terrible or stupid haircut. It looks terrible. It’s a normal judgement.

“They look like they don’t appreciate themselves so, why would they appreciate others? “

What I’m saying is, there’s nothing wrong with dressing up and looking nice. People who said that it’s not important is either stupid, insecure, or jealous. If you can look nice, why not…?

Because you have inner beauty…? Well, if inner beauty really makes you shine even if you’re covered in dirt, so be it. But, I’m telling you, life doesn’t work like fairy tales. Well, maybe for some really fortunate people…

I like to dress up ‘nice’. Well, if you know me, I always wear things that I like. It’s a way to express myself. Spiky hairstyle, blue hair, belts, chains, zippers… Maybe kinda extreme for general people but, that’s me. And I don’t like general people. LOL

From my point of view, I look like me and that’s awesome! It’s the way I want people to see me.

And like I said, if people feel uncomfortable with me, they can just go and bitch about me. At least, I don’t look like I just wake up in the morning then walk into the mall.

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