Spitting Sky

“They’re not crying. They’re spitting at us!”

It’s been really cold these days. The weather, the rain… I really hate the rain here… The raindrops aren’t just from above. It’s like from every direction. Umbrella is just another bullshit here. Hahaha… Thing I hate the most when it rains is that the papers got wet and totally destroyed. Fortunately, all the important papers are safe. すごい俺… さすが。

These days, I feel like… I have a lot to share. But, I kinda forgot. Hahaha…

I’ve been workin’ really hard ever since 専門学校 and I feel really tired. All the busy day, all the early morning, all the sleepless night, pressure… It’ll be summer soon… I’ve been waiting for summer vacation! Hahaha… A ‘lil time to rest and regroup… Regain all the motivation, boost, and release the beast!


One week to summer vacation now. Which makes me really lazy. I’m already in Summer and ゴロゴロ mode… I gotta kick my ass up just to get up every morning. If you looo at me now, I look super tired… Hahaha…

The good thing in life is that… At the point I feel like I should just sleep and skip som class, I always ask myself,

“How bad do you want it?”

That’s all what it takes for me to get up.

Looks kinda simple and stupid, right? But you know, I’m not someone who can get up early every morning… Usually I’m up at 1 P.M. even 3 P.M. Щ(ºДºщ) 

And 9.10 is very early for some class.


I have a huge dream. It’s not gonna be easy to climb there. I don’t even know if there’s a stairway there. If there’s none, then I just have to build one…


Right now, I really need some rain repellant…

My socks got wet every time…

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