Between The Wolverine And Godzilla

I got a lot of stuff in my room

Wolverine’s sitting there

Godzilla here and there

Iroman on the shelf

Goku and Vegeta on the other shelf

Mikasa near my books

And I’m tired of keeping everything in order

I’m giving up

OCD won’t enslave me anymore

That’s how tired I am


It’s not about the order in this space

It’s the content 

How I’m addicted to this stuff

How I love ’em to be here, around me

I just need one more thing


Less than a metre


That’s too close

Though you know

I like it

It’s been a while

We haven’t talked like that

Feels closer

3,500 miles means nothing

You know how much you mean to me

Hopefully I’m not mistaken

I mean as much to you

Every time you tell me

Every time you mention my name

The way you say it

You caught me off guard

I make stupid reasons

As you can see

I’m as red as the wine

Hearing you voice

Looking at you like that

All the chaos in my space

It’s gone

You know how I feel

Told you a million times now

Remember when I told you to kill me?

Guess you won’t 

Because you’re the one and only

Even Godzilla won’t get me

And the guy with adamantium claws

Definitely won’t surpass you

Who else can melt this cold heart

Not even Ironman’s uni-beam

All you need to do is smile

With that psychotic personality

Love you even more

“It’s never going to end. You kill me, it still won’t end.” -James Howlett (Wolverine) , Earth-616

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