Thunderstorm And Earthquake

“When life gives you shit, you make fertilizer. You don’t make shit-nade (shit juice).” –Wine


Have you ever experience a thunderstorm? It’s kinda sudden for me and I’ve never. I heard this huge lightning bolt stuck some place near my room as I was trying to sleep (near the window). It’s so fucked up. Lightning strikes, thunders, heavy rain… Urgh… How could humans sleep with all that… Like sleeping inside a tornado… The windows and doors were all shaking. And I could just pray I wouldn’t wake up late for class. 

Not just a thunderstorm. The most famous shit here is earthquake. It can fuck the day by stoping trains. Everything would be late. Actually, I felt a small earthquake today…

Softbank alerted me, ” 地震があります。 ” with a terrible alarm sounded like cops.

Happens so often.

Train stopped and my sensei’s late for class. I don’t use train to go there so I’m super safe (from being late due to earthquake). 

There are things in life, sometimes they sorta fuck us up. Like a bad day or sometimes it’s so bad that you’d just wish it’s only a bad dream. You wake up every night with a terrible nightmare or feeling anxious during the day as if you’ve done a hideous thing. Life gives us shit sometimes. It’s not always a lemon. You know what to do with lemon, common sense! But, shit! What should we do with it? Щ(ºДºщ) 

Like I said, when life gives you shit, you make fertilizer. Don’t make shit juice, you’ll just make it worse. (“¬_¬) 

Use it to motivate you, to push yourself forward.

Yes, it feels difficult and we just can’t see through the thick clouds and the thunder. Grounds’re shaking and you don’t know if you can stand still. 

After that thunderstorm, I woke up in the morning and the sky was so bright. 


We all know the storm won’t last forever. Why can’t we see the same thing in life? It won’t hand you shit forever. One day, life will run out of shit. When you see yourself still standing in the end, you’ll realize that you’ve been through all those shit. Nothing shall break you.


Life is not fair but, it’s being unfair to everyone. 

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