Paper Balls In The Garbage Bin

I just wanna complain about myself. Gyahaha…

Nah… Just wanna share some stuff about my life. Which will be boring and maybe you should stop reading this. It’s useless, really…

This week was, as usual, a busy week. As tiring as always? Nah, even more tiring. I’ve been staying up at night and I didn’t get to eat properly. I think I’m about to catch a flu. I hope not.

As you know, or not, I got a BC Rich Kerry King Signature Wartribe electric guitar which I carry to TSM everyday. It’s a 10-15 minutes walk from my place. Lemme tell you one thing, it’s heavy. Since yesterday, I feel my upper back and left shoulder kinda hurt. They’re not just hurting, they shiver like some kinda  freezing sensation every time I try to sit back and relax. Maybe I should check’em.

I wanna rearrange my schedule. Practice, UFC, games, breakfast, lunch, dinner, urgh… Everything. My sleeping hour, of course…

Damn, I have to start a healthy life.

With this pace, I think I’ll die soon enough…

Because of my eating habits for these past few months, my stomach and intestine started to act strange again. Which is a terrible thing.

I haven’t been drinkin’ coke for some time. Unless Coca Cola come to my house and offer me a gallon , I don’t think I’ll drink coke anytime soon. Very unlikely.

I don’t feel that bad somehow. I really like this music school thing. It’s really something I wanna do. Though it’s hard for me to read notes as quick as everyone but, I really wanna be able to. I have the will power (Unlike he previous college).


My human relationship segment is still the same. Not levelling.

I’m not anti social. That’s all I can say.

I actually decided to sleep early, few hour ago. Now I don’t feel like it. I asked a friend of mine, from hometown, she plays the piano so, I asked her to teach me a bit of music theory. Beat me with it. I really have no sense of music theory as I never study it before.

Oh, and I got this…

UFC metal ultimate beatdown

2004ish UFC soundtracks…

You probably have no interest in it though.

Then… What else…

I’ve been trying to keep in shape. You know, I got this big belly due to soda and pizza and… burgers. I think I kinda fail miserably… I feel weaker. Oh, yeah, I couldn’t really focus in class this morning. It’s music theory class and ear training. I was listening to this melodies and the suddenly went blank. I didn’t have breakfast this morning. Maybe it’s because I was just hungry, right? Hahaha…

I think I should really arrange a new schedule and take care of myself better.

That’s all.


It’s all useless stuff that I wanna share.

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