I was sitting at the bus stop, waiting for the bus. I was going out to take something I left at my friend’s place. I put it there on purpose actually. For something. Long story. 

Anyway, you know that thing about… Sunrise. Like it gets darker and darker but, the sun will rise soon. A friend of me said that everything will get better soon. I do hope so.

For me, another fail attempt and I think I’m gonna ask for some people’s help on this matter but, that’s not what I’m trying to say here. Hahaha…

Mom let me go with my friends for vacation.

Yes. That’s uhm… Kinda weird that the Queen let me go and it’s not a cheap thing. Usually she’ll be Maleficent and turn into a dragon. But, hey, this time, she’s just…

“Mom, can I go?”


Wow… Something’s wrong.

I don’t know if it means things will get better soon or will get worse…………..

Also, about things that I said before. You know, I felt terrible lately. But, days ago, this person, made me really happy. Like being really kind. Well, that person is always kind but, when we argue (which happens a lot this past few days) I’m always scared… Hahaha… It’s like, my childish side is taking over… Really, like a kid… Hahaha… So, you know, I’m not always miserable and depressed. I got someone to cheer me up and make me happy (sometimes).

“Maybe it’s time to close the dark chapter and start a brighter one…”

This one’s rather short, huh? Yeah, I couldn’t describe how happy I was. Hahahahaha…

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