The past I already moved on

I let you go

Because I was young and stupid

Confused, Unsure, Blind

Didn’t know how to react


You were gone

I was gone

Our separate ways

Never thought I would see you

After all those years.


I was always alone

Without you by my side

I was empty

Only you

Can make me feel this way.


Do you believe in destiny?

It brought you back

You’re right there

Before my eyes

I just couldn’t reach you.


You are my everything

I couldn’t stop

My love for you

It’s killing me

Poisoned by your beauty


It’s painful to keep going

Unbearable, unstoppable

Why my soul, my heart, my mind

Contradicting each other

Still I love you


I desire you

My blood is racing

Heart is beating

I’m being drugged

By this tormenting love.

“Still, I can’t stop loving you. Eventhough I know you won’t love me back the way I love you. I want to be the reason you smile, the reason you cry, the reason you fly. Am I not selfish? Am I not evil? I’m being consumed by my own emotions. The only one who can save me is you but, by doing so, you will also destroy me. Loving you is my worst punishment and my greatest gift. I will cherish it forever. I ain’t a masochist, the pain is killing me but, how could I ever stop loving you…?”

“Falling in love is the stupidest thing that ever happen to me.”

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