In the beginning,

It’s empty.

I want to fill it.

So I did.

It’s hollow.

There’s a hole there.

Patch it.

So you did.

But then you’re gone.

Destiny, I guess.

Life teared it.

Saw that hole again,

No one able to close.

Thought time will heal,

It’s not a would,

Just born with it.

It’s you again.

Life brings you back

To me.


If only you know how I feel,

Even I can’t describe

This heart is messing

With my head.

I am who I am

And only you know who I am

Feels like loving the wrong wind,

Couldn’t catch it.

I know

You can never hold me.

I just can’t

Stop loving you.

I have to hide

This burning desire.

It’s unbearable.


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