Put On A Mask And Move On

These days, I’ve been bothered by my dreams, means I got nightmares. Well, It’s true I got them often and it’s been a part of my life since I was a child. Waking up with pain stabbing this flesh is kinda common now. So often, I’m used to these feelings. Lost, scared, shivers every time. Although I hate it, I just have to live through it.

Sounds depressing. I am not depressed right now. I feel just fine. I just want to pour it since I have too many things to worry. They crawled in my dreams, haunting me.

I don’t do this often, telling people how I feel. I’ve grown to be a pretty good liar. I hide things, I’m afraid to let people in. That’s me. Hahaha…

Anyway, I dream of something super disgusting lately. Like getting puked on in a pool. Freaking disgusting. I feel sick for a whole day. それだけじゃない。Then got hit by an iron pole, when I wake up, I can feel my left part being crushed. Sick.


I hate it.


Gotta live with it. Guess I worry too much.

Actually, I’ve been telling someone about all my problems these days. I can say, it’s someone from the past that I haven’t been with for a while. It’s rude to say that although it’s true. Oh, I’ve been telling some of my friends here too, about my dreams. Hahaha… くだらない。I never thought I’d be able to. The heart knows.

I want to talk about… Things that worry me.

There are chances that I worry too much until I got a bunch of disturbing dreams… Frogs, a pond in a deep forrest, mansion with infinite rooms, etc.

You might be able to guess what I do everyday. Act like nothing happened. Super normal stuff.

Though, recently I feel so lonely.

“Maybe we’re just too good at hiding stuff…”

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