It’s St. Valentine’s Day!

Yay! It’s St. Valentine’s day!

I got a date with Valentine’s special edition chocolates and every chocolate with special price!

It’s not that miserable…

For someone like me, I’d better go out alone and get my greedy self some extra chocolates.

1. I have no human to date.
Yes, since I’m a single human being, I have no partner in life (I have no lover, I am not planning to get one).

2. I love chocolates.
Chocolate is one of the most important substance in my life. I shall have in in my vault at all times. Therefore, I shall buy a lot of chocolates since it’s gonna be on sale.

3. I can’t go to orphanage here.
Because I’m in Tokyo, I don’t know any orphanage here and, I’m not that awesome at japanese. Also, I need my mom as speaker. I’m not good at doing it, I’m too shy. 0////0

4. I’m having a late Christmas party with my friends.
I know it sounds stupid but…. C’mon! It’s still winter so, we can still feel the atmosphere…

I just forgot my santa hat…

Never mind.

Though St. Valentine’s day in Japan is a bit different than in my country, they still have special chocolates.

So, here, girls make their own chocolate and give it to a guy they like (love). Then next month, White day, it’s the opposite. And in April, there’s a day dedicated for single people (which is sad, not really a celebration).

I’m just so excited to eat my chocolates!!!!


I’ve sent some roses for my fams. Ain’t I care oh ain’t I care…?


I got bunch of chocolates!

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