So Much for a Bad Start

Usually when I wake up, in the afternoon because I rarely (able) wake up in the morning, I can see how the day will turn up… It’s not that I’m always right about it, just saying that I got a hunch… About what’s coming. The thing is, I always got dragged out if my 2nd or 3rd dreams and feel wide awake at 7 or 8 A.M. but then, I’ll go back to sleep again somehow… The next 1 or 2 dreams usually decide the mood of the day. Like if I had some nightmares, I’ll be late for sure (⌒▽⌒)

These nightmares are somehow super disturbing. It’s surreal, cruel, and torturing (Torturing my mental health, my sanity). Like endless loop of bad memories, fear, confusion… It’s just terrible.

That’s not all. On some “special” occasions , like bad stomach, I’ll feel terrible.

Thing is, I always skip breakfast. It’s not because I want to, it’s because I can’t have my breakfast (still asleep). So, you can imagine if I’m late, I’ll skip my “lunch”.

I feel so cruel towards my stomach in the morning, noon, afternoon… But, in the evening, we always party like it’s Christmas.

There’s a day when I was late and I skipped my breakfast/lunch. Guess what? The lesson that day, was about KFC, Subway, and Mos Burger. Thank you, Sensei. That was so generous.


We’re talking about FRIED блядь CHICKEN!

I was starving TT^TT

And I have to wait from 13.10 until 16.25 before I can eat. (“¬_¬) Great! Obviously, some of you have experienced this.

There’s also class about “Hey, what’s your favorite food? Tell us the details.”

“And that moment, I miss pizza more than ever.”

Was raining and kinda snowing.
And I was kinda late, got some nightmares, woke up covered in cold sweat and super doki doki (freakin heart beats like there’s a beast hunting my ass) and then, I skipped breakfast/lunch. I have to. Anyway, it’s kinda bad because since Monday, I got bad stomach (the intestine shit). The thing is, I have to go to school. I can’t skip school because I need to get my attendance up by 1.8% before the end of February (for my music school interview stuff). So, YES! I have to force myself to do this! I have to.


I got myself this melon bread the night before. Told myself,”Bring it to school and freaking eat it!” Щ(ºДºщ)



Though my stomach start acting weird, I have to shut it. Hahaha… Sorry, Partner.

After class, I went with my friends to grab some food. Remember, it’s freaking raining… And it’s winter… And it’s cold.
Freezing cold.


It’s a 20 minutes walk to the udon heaven.

“Because it’s best to eat hot udon in this blizzard.”

After a long and tiring journey, we have arrived. We are the survivor!

After all that, I can go back to my sanctuary. My 30 degrees Celcius room. しかし、last night was too cold, I can’t endure it. Usually I wear T-shirt and shorts but, last night was too cold, I have to wear my jacket and super warm pants. Even slept with 2 layers of blanket. I’m a summer person so… Can’t stand the cold.

Overall, yesterday is quite a bad day for me, Baby… I need some warm hugs… From my blankets.

Now I’m so sleepy. It’s good that class is only until 14.10. We’re going to TCA now, for something. I didn’t listen to the sensei before so, I have no clue what we’re going to do. Hahaha…

ジャアネ〜 ♪( ´θ`)ノ

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