COMIKET 2014 – Tokyo Big Sight


I went to Tokyo Big Sight for Comiket on August 16th and 17th.

Queuing before I can enter Tokyo Big Sight and you know what, it’s freaking hot! Aaaaaaa… Sunburn…DSC_0151 DSC_0152

That’s it! Tokyo Big Sight!DSC_0154

Hello! COMIKET!DSC_0155


It’s VERY crowded… The heat and it’s getting harder to breath inside.DSC_0157

Coca Cola!DSC_0158

I saw MEGAMAN! He’s tagging with Pikachu!

Well, yeah, they sell doujinshi… DSC_0160

You think you can find your favourite doujinshi? Think again.


This is the west hall. Yeah, both east and west are in total chaos. People, people everywhere. It’s hard to move around!DSC_0162

And so, I decided to go to the cosplay area! Yeah!DSC_0166

Japanese cosplay is SICK! Woohoo! Look at that!

Guess what, she didn’t wear panties…DSC_0174DSC_0175

Hi, there…DSC_0176

I don’t even know what this is…DSC_0178

A couple of cross dressers… There are a bunch of cross dressers here… I’ll show you later…DSC_0180

After looking at that, I don’t think I’ll ever use that stairs…DSC_0182DSC_0184

Admit it, she’s good…DSC_0185DSC_0187

This one is interesting…DSC_0189

Tokyo Ghoul? They  need to look more scary…

This one is quite famous. Attack on Titan. And once again, the stairs and the massive amount of people queuing.

Ready for some muscles?


I know it’s hot here but…DSC_0194

Well, ok…DSC_0196

He worked hard for those muscles.

That Megaman I saw earlier… And his Pikachu!DSC_0201

Hahaha! This is SICK!!!DSC_0204

Here’s your blue ranger…DSC_0206

He looks kinda fat because of the thick body armour.DSC_0210

Having One Piece cosplay is a must. I haven’t seen Luffy though…DSC_0212DSC_0214

This is one of the epic others…DSC_0216

He really likes Rakuten, huh?DSC_0218DSC_0219

Another Attack on Titan cosplay… This is really nice…DSC_0220DSC_0222DSC_0224

Hahaha! This is very amusing!

Everyone got love for Softmap…DSC_0229

His compass can rotate… He showed me… LOL

Street Fighter cosplayDSC_0234

What do you think?


Look at that…DSC_0242

I don’t know what this is but, it’s cool…DSC_0243DSC_0246

Not the best Makoto…DSC_0248

Blazblue… Hey, I like the Taokaka…DSC_0250

This is kinda cool…DSC_0253DSC_0255

That’s a man you’re looking at… Yeah, a cross dresser…

I know you noticed a lot of cosplayers choose to wear minimum costumes, I mean, it’s fine since they probably can’t take the heat…DSC_0259

Another Attack on Titan cosplay… They really like it, huh? Me too…DSC_0261

“Oh, I can’t pick it up!”DSC_0263DSC_0264DSC_0265

You saw this one while wearing her jacket. She took it off since it’s very hot there.

I love this one!DSC_0269

LOL! He should have more muscles! (>_<)DSC_0271DSC_0272

They are all cross dresser, this guy and the others behind him…DSC_0274


Is that diaper?

This one’s creative… DSC_0278

This one is not Comiket… Hahaha… It’s Initial D’s promo for the new movie in Shinjuku.DSC_0279

Thought I’d share it with you guys…DSC_0280DSC_0281DSC_0282

Ok, let’s go to Comiket day 2!DSC_0286

So, I went to Kaname and Reika ‘s booth in East hall 1.

I took some pictures of them. Also got their autographs.DSC_0293

Found this one on my way out…DSC_0294DSC_0295DSC_0296DSC_0299

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