Sorry, your daughter – Japanese Horror Story

Youko was known to be the biggest bully in her school. When she got ill, everybody agreed it was karma that got her in that state.

Everyday, she was in the hospital bed waiting to figure out what was exactly wrong with her. Youko’s mother decided to take a picture with her daughter in the bed one day on Youko’s birthday.
Youko’s mother was suspecting one of her classmates had cast a curse on Youko, and she wanted to get the picture analyzed by the local monk.
After a few days of Youko’s birthday, she passed away.

Youko’s mother was angry more than sad, knowing that Youko was a bully gave some of her classmates the suspecion for her death. When the picture came back from the camera shop, she was in shock. (this is when there was no degital camera) Half of Youko’s face was twisted and dark, looking as if she was screeming while being tortured. The man working at the camera store seemed hesitant to give the picture to Youko’s mother.

Youko’s mother ran to the local monk, showing the picture to him demanding that he tells her who was the cause of her daughter’s death. The monk fell silent…

When he opened his mouth, he said

“I am sorry, but your daugher is in hell.

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