The Girl – Japanese Horror Story

There were several friends who decided to go to the mountains to see a famous spot that was suppose to be haunted. It is a old tunnel, that was said to contain a womans’ ghost who had lost her legs in a car accident. The friends drove up to the tunnel, but finally gave up since nothing happened.

On the way back, the driver kept on talking about what of waste of gas it was to drive all the way up there. The driver kept on talking to the guy in the passenger’s seat, but Taiga, the guy sitting in the back, noticed something very weird ahead. It was a girl, in the middle of the night. She was wearing black clothes so it was hard to see. Taiga tried to catch a glimps of her face, but she had her head turned away. He decided it was just a mistake.

But as they drove back to the city down the mountain, Taiga was shocked to see the girl again. The same hair, the same black clothes. She is still standing with her head turned away.

“How could I see her again? She can’t be ahead of us…. We are in a car!”

But every 3 minutes, he notice they were passing the girl again and again. The same girl.

Not only that, each time they were passing he, she was turning her head slowly towards the car. The last time Taiga saw the girl, her pale cheek was apparent.

After the driver let Taiga and the other friend off at the train station, the other friend turned to Taiga and asked if he saw the girl.

“You saw it too!? OH man, that was really creepy! I think it was only Takashi (the driver) who didn’t notice her.”

After talking a while, they decided to call Takashi to see if he was ok.

“Hey Takashi, it’s us. We just wanted to see how you are doing.”

“I’m doing fine. We just saw each other a few minutes ago, you guys are weird.”

“Ok, we just wanted to check if you got home safely.”

“Yeah, I see my apartment now. But what’s up with the girl smiling at me in front of my apartment?”

That is when the line got cut off. That night, the police found Takashi dead in front of his apartment. They also found out that Takashi’s car contained the DNA from a girl who was a victim of a hit in run a few months ago. Taiga saw the picture of the girl, her age and hair cute fit perfectly with the girl that was fallowing them that night.

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