The Accident – Japanese Horror

Two couples were going out on a drive. Unfortunately, they ended up having a big accident.
When Hitomi woke up, she saw Takeshi and his girl friend Yuka.
“Thank god you are alive!” Said Yuka, rubbing the tears off her eyes. “We thought you were dead!”
Hitomi got up, and noticed she was in a small cabin.
“I carried you to a near by empty cabin, I thought it will be better to stay warm.”
“Thank you guys, but where is Kenji?” Hitomi said, looking for her boy friend.
“Did you leave him at the scene of the accident!? What if he’s hurt?”
Takeshi and Yuka got quiet, a gloom expression shown on their faces. That is when there was a knock on the door.
“Hey, Hitomi! Are you there? Answer me!”
Hitomi rejoiced! She ran towards the door to open the door to greet her boy friend. That is when Takeshi yelled to Hitomi to stop.
“Hitomi! Don’t open the door!!” He came for you, don’t trust him and stay with us!”
“What are you guys saying? He’s my boy friend!”
“Hitomi don’t! Kenji is…. Kenji is on the other side now…..” As Yuka finished her sentence, she started crying again.
“What are you doing Hitomi? Open the door!” Kenji yelled.
Did he come back from the dead to take me with him? I can’t believe it! Kenji wouldn’t do such a thing!
“Why Kenji!? Why did you have to leave me in this world!?”
“Hitomi, we can still be together. Come with me!”
“Don’t open the door Hitomi!” Yuka and Takeshi kept on yelling.
Hitomi was confused. She loved Kenji, but she didn’t know what he will do once she opened the door.
Kenji started to cry, and begged Hitomi to open the door.
“But Yuka and Takeshi tells me that you are dead! What do you want from me!?”
Kenji started to bang the door harder, telling her to get out. “Hitomi!! I am not the dead one! Yuka and Takeshi were the ones who died in the accident!”
Soon as Kenji told Hitomi the truth, she felt Takeshi grab her hand. Hitomi opened the door as soon as possible.
She noticed that she was in the hospital, and Kenji was crying above her.
Hitomi thanked her instincts, and fell horrible for the lost of her friends. What was worse for Hitomi was the fact that her friends wanted to take her with them.

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