The Tunnel – Japanese Horror Story

A story about a tunnel. Tunnels in Japan are used in many supernatural topics.
Once, two couples decided to check out a haunted tunnel up in the isolated highway. They were all very anxious, especially Yukio who is very curious about ghost and spirits. His girlfriend was the complete opposite, but she decided to go along anyway.

When they reached the tunnel, Kaiya whispered to his girl friend about how stupid Yukio is to get carried away for these kind of things.
Yukio, stopped the car in front of the tunnel, and looked back to Kaiya and Kaiya’s girl friend.
“Hey, I heard that. You guys, we are going in the tunnel. Let’s not joke to give respect towards the ghosts ok?”
Suddenly, it started to rain very hard. Yukio’s girl friend had a bad feeling about this, but kept her mouth shut.
Yukio drove through the tunnel, which was a good 700 meter drive. Nothing happened.
“Ok, I am going back and forth until SOMETHING happens.”
She Yukio drove back and forth the tunnel. All of them started to get bored, and there was silence in the car. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of the rain hitting the car.
As Yukio drove through the tunnel the 5th time, it started to rain harder. Suddenly, Kaiya told Yukio to leave as soon as possible.
“What? Kaiya, come on! Nothing happened yet!” Yukio whined.
“I said, GO NOW!!!”
Yukio sensed that there was something wrong, so he immediately hit the accelerator. Soon as they reached a town, Kaiya told everyone to get out of the car.
The girls were crying by now, seeing how Kaiya was acting weird. Yukio mumbled as he left the car with the others. But soon, something caught their eye.

There were hundreds of bloody hand prints on the car.
The girls let out a gasped, and Yukio turned to Kaiya.

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