Trapped in an Elevator

I was in a hurry this morning, almost late for class and stuff but, I manage to walk through that door right on time. Perfect, huh? Yes… I feel good to come on time. Though, today, I have a weird experience.

Ad you can read, the title is ‘Trapped in an Elevator’ right? Yes, it is. After my morning class at 7.30 until 10.00 then, I have a second class at 14.10. I kinda hate Tuesday because I have 2 class and it’s separated by a 4-hour-window. So, I went back to my apartment on the 17th floor and take a power nap. Hahaha… Yes, I took a nap. I woke up at noon for lunch and then get ready for the next class. The odd thing today is I choose the wrong elevator. Today, there are 2 operating elevator. There should be 3 bug, 1 is out of service. Therefore, I took the bigger elevator because it arrived 5 seconds faster after I push the button than the smaller one. (I pushed 2 buttons to stop both elevator.) then, going to G floor. Ground floor. Arrived at the ground floor, ding! Suddenly… ‘out of service’ light is on.

“What the HELL?!”

I pushed the open door button million times and the lights off.

“For CHRIST’ sake!!! I’m gonna be late!!!”

It’s kinda weird because I still think about coming to class on time. I should be thinking about,”Oh, fuck! I’m stuck here! I’m gonna die!!!!”

I pushed the alarm button but, it didn’t turned on.


A couple minutes struggling in the elevator, struggling to open the door by force, I think…

“Maybe it’s error because it’s not closed properly?”

I hit the door and pushed it to the left.


Then the lights turned on again. Door opened.

“God, I’m alive!!!”

Outside, securities are waiting.

“Are you ok? Stuck in there?”

“I’m ok.”

Of course I was stuck in there, you fool!!! You think I jumped from the roof like James Bond?!?!

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