Asleep and Awake

You know, it’s not your fault actually… It’s me… Stupid disoriented human who got goddamn insomnia and can’t sleep when everyone else is asleep… (So I got lonely…) And when I miss you, you are asleep because that’s what everyone else is doing, sleeping… (Not wide awake like me…) I know, I realize… So, yes, it’s not your fault, it’s me, I’m a freak… No normal people in GMT+7 (our time zone) is wide awake… It’s normal for you to be sleeping at that time, when I said I miss you… (And I do miss you right now….) I wish I can sleep and dream about you (or even have a dream connected to yours…)

Anyway, I’m not disappointed in you… (But) I am disappointed… In myself, for being like this, (having all this weird disorder and diseases) though I’m glad that I’m that disoriented ’cause I can have you.
At least there’s one person who can still shed tears for me (“willingly to stay by my side”) *if you too slow to understand that sentence*

I love you…

(I thought you’ll read this by the time you wake up… But, I’m gonna be sleeping by then… Silly, huh? Or should I wait for you to wake? But, then I’ll miss my sleep and I won’t be fit tomorrow… I have work tomorrow at 6 A.M. and I hope I can wake up on time… You know, it’s hard for me to wake up that early in the morning… So, maybe I should sleep… Instead of waiting for you… Probably you’ll wake you at 5 maybe? Who knows… I don’t know… I cannot know…
Do you mind to wait for me?)

*Whatever, but still, let me know when you awake*

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